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Preparing a campaign is not like taking a walk on the beach, first of all we want to understand the product or service you want to propose, the needs, objectives, targets, market, and intentions, after that we will, understanding your needs which allows us to identify the best campaign to build it with all the necessary tools to get a good result




We design a customized model that represents your product/service giving consistency to your readers, We prepare the campaign with all the possible information as; build a landing page with all the information relevant to the product / service you want to make known, the right choice of the database, for which country, group, type of business or consumer, finished our work we present you for your approval. Our goal is to convince potential readers to want more of your offer and let your business grow


Schedule the campaign and choose the best day for receiver to receive your offer, for example, never send a campaign during the weekend, holidays, knowing in which countries celebrate free days or religious free time,

We deliver emails safely to subscribers is a priority. We maintain a strong reputation with internet service providers to ensure we reach recipients at the highest level. 


Analyzing email marketing campaign results is as important as emailing campaigns. Email campaign tracking and reporting is a stepping stone for improving your performance and subscriber engagement. However, the analysis doesn’t stop with open rates and click-through rates. Measuring email campaign success involves a much deeper understanding of statistics.

  • Delivery rates ( how many email are delivered successfully )
  • Open rates ( how many email are been received  )
  • Click through rates . ( How many peoples click to read the email )
  • Bounce rate ( how many emails are not delivered )
  • Revenue per email and conversion rate



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