Mobile Marketing, really? Yup!
The sms remains the strategy with the highest response rate of mobile marketing!

The market of mobile marketing today seems to be limited to the use of applications, but careful to jump to fast conclusions: perception and reality are in fact two very different things! As we said a short time ago, text messages remain the most effective tool for consumer engagement.

The Short Text Message (which this year celebrates 22 years of honorable career!) Is a disruptive form of communication: it arrives straight on the phone, whether or not it is connected to the network. To achieve the best results with sms marketing and to inspire potential consumers, we discover together the secrets and best practices of this strategy.

               A SMS for Everybody

With the sms marketing you will go in a very intimate and friendly dialogue with your target audience. So a strategy of this type can not ignore a concept: Be smart, be friendly! You will have the opportunity to communicate with an audience segmented by age, sex, geographical position, tastes: create different strategies for segments of your audience.

         Let yourself be recognized

Nobody likes receiving messages from strangers, is not it? This is why it is very important to make the customer clearly understand who sent the text message. It seems obvious, but very often we forget that the sms is a personal communication: with you can set a text sender for text messages. In this way it is possible to convey your brand immediately and without affecting the 160 characters of the message body.

       Capture the recipient’s attention

98% of the messages are read so you’re sure to start off on the right foot! Tip: Type the first 2 or 3 words in capital letters to capture the reader’s attention. Try to remember how many times you have opened a message because preceded by the words in capital letters “GREAT NEWS”!

                              Be Direct

It’s a simple rule, although it will not always be easy to respect it: a standard message is 160 characters, only 20 more than a tweet. Report in the sms how to receive more information with call-to-action such as “If you are interested call xxx” or “Visit our website to find out more”.

                           Call to Action

The “call to action” is the most important part of your sms marketing campaign: now that you have the attention of your recipient, you must let him take the next step. First define what this step is: phone the xxx number, register at a website, go to the store, send a text message, etc. 

              Timing is Fundamental

The “when” is the mantra of the mobile strategy: to optimize the sending of text messages you have to capture the momentum, taking into account many factors, such as consumer habits and seasonal events.


Viber messaging changes all the concepts of mobile Ad possibilities. Apart from usual approach to a customer, there will be a beautiful visual appearance. Apart from usual message, send it in more interactive manner, which makes communication with a potential customer clearer and efficient.

More over your clients will be connected to the Internet at the moment they receive the message – it means that they can respond to your offer by visiting your website and finding detailed information about your services on the same go.

  • Messaging is performed via Internet and doesn’t depend on mobile network operators, which makes it cheaper.
  • Viber Messenger is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia.
  • Send your messages with photos of your product and services and attract more customers.
  • People read messages attentively because it is a new type of advertisement.
  • Advertise your product and services all over the Earth. Target your potential customers in any geographical location.
  • In contrast with SMS and teaser ads, Viber messages may contain up to 1000 symbols.
  • Viber mass messaging doesn’t break the advertising law because it isn’t SMS. Absolute innovation in advertising sphere that matches your business needs; with lasting advertisement effect.
  • Customers will keep important information for sure; Sending posters, flyers, Videos or any other kind of pictures and text.
    1. We can send your ad campaign on unlimited contacts in very short amount of time.

    In your campaign you can send.

    1. Pictures.
    2. Pamphlet/Brochures.
    3. Audio and Videos to everyone.
    4. We can set profile picture as your brand/company logo.
    5. There will be unsubscribe option with the message, to block that promotion message in future, this helps in anti-spamming.


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